True Home Exteriors: What You Need To Know About Exterior Remodeling

When it comes to true home exterior remodeling, there are many things to true home exteriors home pageconsider. From curb appeal to resale value and so much more you’ll want to know your options before you begin to remodel the exterior of your home.

Your home should reflect your lifestyle and interests. If you’re looking for something to spruce up the exterior of your home you will have many great options to consider.


Before you begin, you’ll want to know your budget. Will you be redoing the entire house, just the front (for curb appeal) or both landscaping and the home?

Will your remodel include painting, adding on to the exterior of your home, new windows, adding a porch or a deck, siding, shutters? These are all decisions that you’ll want to take into consideration. The various changes you’re wishing to make will all have specific price guidelines so you’ll want to have a rough estimate of how much various changes are going to cost.

Once you know what your budget it, you can begin your search for the various aspects that you plan to do for remodeling your home. This is where you may wish to consult with an exterior home design specialist, however, keep in mind that they will charge a fee for their services.

Curb Appeal

If you’re seeking curb appeal, always start by cleaning up the yard, washing the exterior of your home and removing any shrubbery that is taking over your windows or walkways.

It’s amazing how simple it can be to simply spruce the area up by doing these few things. Your home will look instantly more inviting and your yard will look fresh and new as well.

Remember that your yard and the exterior of your home literally walk hand-in-hand when you’re remodeling and sprucing things up. If you can’t afford a lot of landscaping, keep in mind that you can use just about anything as a container (with proper drainage of course) and place this on porches, decks and patios for more curb appeal in your remodel.


Your entry can be bold and dramatic or it can be soft and subtle, it’s all up to the statement that you’re trying to make. Will you have a coat closet or coat rack in your entry? Will you have a container for shoes and boots or just place them by the door if you prefer shoes off in the house? It’s all up to you.

Your entry can start from the outside at your porch. A simple porch can add some extra space for your entry area. Here, guests can discard muddy boots or shoes and keep your floors cleaner. You can also use this area as a get together area if you put a few outdoor chairs here.

Close in a porch entry with lattice work, plexiglass or even vines and you’ll have a cozy little area for reading that leads into your comfortable home. Your entry area should be a reflection of you and your lifestyle but it should also be functional.


Windows are a great way to spruce up your home. If you can’t afford to replace all of your windows, do one or two at a time until they’re all replaced. Start with those that absolutely must be replaced first and work your way around.

Consider a bay window in a dining area or living room area. How about a garden window in the kitchen to grow kitchen herbs in? There are many different types of windows. Floor to ceiling windows will let in a lot of light. You can choose horizontal or vertical windows and those that open or those that don’t open.

You can also opt for sliding glass doors that will open onto a patio or a deck. If you are pressed for money, just replace them one or two at a time. You can often find great deals on windows at second hand stores, online auctions and yard sales.


Looking for a new look for the outside of a house? Consider shutters. Shutters can be usable or just for looks. Either way, you’re sure to get a totally new look for your exterior of your home.

You can make your own shutters as well. Simply nail together some boards and design your own. If you’re really handy as a do it yourselfer you could even upcycle old pallets or pieces of wood into clever and useful shutters for the exterior of your home in your remodel.

Shutters can offer extra security if you’re in an area that gets high winds, hurricanes or if you want some extra security because you’re often out of town. They can be as usable as you desire.


Drive through any neighborhood and note the colors of the houses. Do they tend to stay in one color scheme, or do they have a variety? What do you like? What don’t you like? Go ahead and take a tour of a few different neighborhoods and take down some ideas.

How does your house compare? You can either repaint your house the same color, or you can go bold and dramatic or you can be more subtle. That’s why you want to look around for a few days and see what you do and don’t like in your own neighborhood and a few others.

Once you’ve decided, talk to a professional at a home improvement center regarding how much paint you’ll need and the best way to apply it. Be sure to ask if they have specific discounts and if paint is ever on sale and when so that you can get the best deals.  True home exteriors are painted well in colors that reflect the style at the time.


Instead of painting, many opt for siding on their home. There are many great options for siding as well. You can go for a vinyl siding that will have a longer lifespan and likely never need to be repainted, or you can go for something made from wood such as cedar shingle siding.

There is also wood clapboard, cement, aluminum or steel and stone veneer siding. There are again, many options. If you already know what you want, great. You can go from there. If you’re unsure, you may again wish to find out more about the various types of siding and the required maintenance.

You’ll also want to know how long you can expect the various types of siding to last. You can learn a lot by contacting a contractor and asking detailed questions regarding siding and how they apply it and the costs. Be sure to get several quotes and remember, the cheapest quote isn’t always the one to go with.

Exterior Doors

Replacing old outdated doors is one of the first suggestions for exterior remodels. Your door is supposed to keep your home secure and safe and it’s also an opportunity to add a unique focal point to your entryway. It can greatly enhance the curb appeal of your home.

A common trend today, is to go bold with a red door. This is going to capture a lot of attention but there are other colors that you can opt for as well if you prefer. You can also choose a traditional wood raised door or a door with windows in it as well. There are split farm style doors where the bottom and top open independently or can be latched together. There are also barn style doors that slide open and closed.

If you’re seeking a more secure door, you can opt for a steel door or more contemporary glass doors that are designed as double doors. Look at your options and your space and determine which type of door is the best choice for your needs. Older homes will tend to have more narrow doors as they didn’t used to worry about standard sizes so you may have to open up the door frame a bit to accommodate newer doors.


An awning is usually made from canvas and it’s job is to keep the rain off of a specific area. They are often used on strorefronts and for doorways and are just now becoming more popular for modern homes.

Awnings are cropping up for decks, windows and entry ways as a way to adjust how much sun is allowed into your home and as a way to keep the rain off of someone who is standing on the porch.

There are some companies that make awnings and many of these operate at the push of a button. They retract when you want the sun and when it gets too hot or it’s raining, you just press the button and the awning opens out. These types of awnings are ideal for decks and patios as well as entries. They can also help to keep the house a lot cooler in the summer months.


The definition of a porch is a sheltered area that leads to the doorway of a home. That said, you can be as creative as you wish when it comes to a porch. There are small porches where only one person can stand on the porch, and there are porches that are styled more like a deck.

Regardless of your porch style, you’ll want to make sure that your porch has a cover or awning on it to ensure that you and your visitors stay dry if it’s raining. This is also a great way to help reduce the heat in your home in the summer months.

You can design your porch of cement, wood or something else. It’s all up to you. There are some great designs for porches out there and you can be as elaborate as you desire. If you ahve a specific vision, talk it over with your contractor and have them help you in your design options. Many people use their porch as an extension of their home in the warmer months.


Decks offer a great option for exterior remodels. A deck can go off of the front or back of a home, off of a master bedroom or guest room. They can go off of a dining room or kitchen and they offer a variety of fun options.

What would your ideal deck be? Would it be covered to protect you from the weather? Or would you prefer to leave it uncovered so that you can enjoy the sunshine?

Will you be doing barbecues on the deck, or just sitting around visiting? All of these things should be considered when you’re considering your deck. If it’s in proximity to a bedroom, you likely wouldn’t be using it for barbecues so make sure that you’re keeping it in focus with the room that it exits off of. Most decks have either French doors that open to them or sliding doors that open to them.

Hire a Contractor or Are You Capable of Creating True Home Exteriors?

This is perhaps the most vital question once you’ve decided what you want to do to the exterior of your home for a remodel. Many tasks are easy enough to do yourself such as painting and landscaping.

Other tasks are best suited to a good contractor that will take care of your project from start to finish. It’s all up to you and how much of the work you wish to do yourself vs the work that you’d rather have someone else do for you. Keep in mind, you’ll have to pay a contractor, however, the work may be done more quickly than if you do it yourself.

Remodels can be as large or small as you choose. Keep in mind that often minor changes will make a huge impact on the exterior of your home. Start small and work your way up or go big from the start. It’s all up to you and the impact that you choose to make on your home.

Many contractors will also help you with your design ideas and elements so you may wish to consider them in the planning process as well.